Dynasties And Interludes

Author: Lawrence LeDuc
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459733398
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Dynasties and Interludes provides a comprehensive and unique overview of elections and voting in Canada from Confederation to the most recent election.

The Canadian Federal Election Of 2015

Author: Jon H. Pammett
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459733355
Size: 23.16 MB
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This is not to suggest that nothing has changed over such a long period. Only that
, given the institutional constraints, there is a natural tendency for the Canadian
party system, even with its inherent volatility, to periodically reconfigure itself in
ways that are well known and understood by scholars, politicians, and voters
alike. NOTES 1. 10. Lawrence LeDuc, Jon H. Pammett, Judith I. McKenzie, and
André Turcotte, Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian
Electoral Politics ...

Paikin And The Premiers

Author: Steve Paikin
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459709608
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... bylaws protecting trees were in place. Land was being restored. Just a month
before his death, the one billionth tree was planted by Premier John Robarts.
Some two billion more would follow. As a result of Zavitz's work, the Niagara
Escarpment, once a wasteland, is now a UNESCO World Biosphere. Recognition
of the ongoing need to plant trees to protect our future continues as the legacy of
Edmund Zavitz. Dynasties and Interludes Past and Present in Canadian Electoral

The Canadian General Election Of 2004

Author: Chris Dornan
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 9781550025163
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The 2004 edition includes analyses of: The campaigns of the 4 major parties and smaller parties The role of newspapers, television and the internet in the campaigns The pre-election polls Voting patterns across the country The rise in non ...

Canadian Provincial Politics

Author: Martin Robin
Publisher: Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice-Hall of Canada
Size: 58.53 MB
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The ruling dynasties busied themselves with fighting the federal government over
railway and other matters, distributing timber and mining rights, and issuing
railway charters to friends, or friends of friends. Sectional ... Since the Dominion
government, with the exception of the Mackenzie interlude, was Conservative,
the bulk of M.P.s were Conservative. ... Provincial elections were not fought on
party lines with federal labels, although federal legislators participated in local

Author: หยุด แสงอุทัย
ISBN: 9789742886332
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Journal Of Canadian Studies

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The Liberals held Saskatchewan from 1905 to 1944 with one break (in 1929),
since when the CCF/ NDP has held a similar monopoly save for the Thatcher
interlude. John Bracken's amorphous coalition-cum-party dominated Manitoba
for roughly a third of a century, and it is not unlikely (although not yet certain) that
Schreyer will be seen as an interruption of an extended period of Conservative
dominance that began in 1958. Ontario is Canada's premier example of political
stability; ...

Sacred Trust

Author: David Jay Bercuson
Publisher: Toronto, Ont. : Doubleday Canada ; Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday
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All across the country, the ministerial relics of the past government tumbled like
tenpins, losing seats by huge margins to unknown Tories. Even in Quebec the
Liberals were ... The Chief had then seen the dream of an enduring Conservative
dynasty dissolve in party dissension and electoral defeat. Within four years, the
great ... Except for a brief interlude under Joe Clark in 1979-80, the Conservative
party would not regain power until Mulroney did the trick. The ability to hold on to

Far Eastern Economic Review

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Insan received a small grant from Britain's Anti-Slavery Society for research into
child labour on Malaysian plantations, while the AWL's legal literacy programme
is funded by the Canadian Government, though even the AWL found that
sponsors were reluctant to donate towards ... And, during the past six months,
Rajiv Gandhi has come to learn the hard way that charisma alone or the
advantage of being a "ruling dynasty" scion cannot ensure victory for the
Congress at the hustings.

Leslie S

Author: John Albert Sleicher
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Within the past three years the St. Lawrence steamboat service has greatly
improved, and now, thanks to the popular “American " line, the fine steamers Rn'h
'say and Priiic- Ar/hur offer to tourists unstirpassed accommodatlons. Much of this
improveiin-nt, and the con.-equent ... The characters in relief assigns it to King
Ramcsls 11., of the nineteenth dynasty-tb,e Egyptian conqueror of so many
provinces, and whom the Greeks called Sesostris. It is afilrmed. although many
antiquarlans ...