District Heating Thermal Generation And Distribution

Author: C. MacKenzie-Kennedy
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483188418
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The book will be of great interest to scientists, engineers, and technicians involved in the research, development, and implementation of alternative thermal energy technology.

Advanced District Heating And Cooling Dhc Systems

Author: Robin Wiltshire
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
ISBN: 1782423958
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As DHC systems are more efficient and less polluting than individual domestic or commercial heating and cooling systems, the book provides an introduction to DHC, including its potential contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, ...

Energy Abstracts For Policy Analysis

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using nuclear heat: a survey, 6:3225 DISTRICT HEATING/OPERATION
Extension of the district-heating supply to the inner city of Duesseldorf from 115
MJ/s to 500 MJ/s, 6:1616 DISTRICT HEATING/PERFORMANCE District heating
in a large city, 6:1131 District heating supply in Kiel, 6:1138 European district-
heating experience with focus on Uppsala hotwater district-heating system, 6:
4495 (CONF-790401–) DISTRICT ... District heating: thermal generation and
distribution. A practical ...

Geothermal Systems And Energy Resources

Author: Alper Baba
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315775026
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However, it was first in the 20th century that geothermal energy was used on a
large scale for direct applications like space heating, industrial processing,
domestic water supply, balneology, and for electricity generation. Turkey and
Greece belong to one of ... Most of geothermal sites are low–medium enthalpy
fields, which are suitable mostly for direct-use applications such as district
heating, greenhouse heating, thermal facilities, and balneology. In addition,
many geothermal fields, ...

District Heating

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While the principal characteristics and methods of generating high-temperature
water are described in the new District Heating Handbook, many new
developments have been made in recent years. Too few architects and
engineers realize that no ... The linking of superheated water with thermal-electric
generating stations, or the large scale development of public heat-supply
generation and distribution is both practical and economical. Extensions to
existing steam systems without ...

Integrated Solutions For Energy Facility Management

Author: Donna Sioros
Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9780881733860
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The hot water distribution networks had to be very large for serving the maximum
possible consumers. The radiuses ... The first main of them is the very big heat
losses from the distribution network and the second is the reduction of generation
of the power because of exhausting the high pressure steam from the turbines for
preparing of high temperature water. ... At present the Government of Armenia is
planning to restore the district heating on the basis of co-generation power plant.

Heat Production And Distribution

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Publisher: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ; [Washington, D.C. : OECD Publications Center]
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By introducing back -pressure production the overall efficiency in fuel use can be
80-90 per cent. This means that electricity is also produced with an efficiency
much higher than in condensing power stations, where the efficiency is limited to
about 40 per cent by physical laws. - In special cases, waste heat from industrial
processes can be fed into a district heating network, substituting primary energy
at least partly. - A large boiler can also more easily and more economically be ...

The Building Services Engineer

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It is an economic necessity not only because the coal consumption for power
generation is reduced to about 25 per cent, of that for a condensing plant but also
because the capital outlay for the combined boiler plant is much lower than for
two separate plants. Contrary to conditions in a factory plant which has its own
generation plant and where distribution and consumption are under one control,
a district-heating plant supplies customers who themselves are responsible for
the heat ...

Renewable Energy

Author: Martin Kaltschmitt
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540709495
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The specifications in Table 1.2 (Chapter 1) are valid for the district heating system
DH-I. The system efficiency includes all steps of energy transformation, from solar
radiation incident on the collector area up to the useful heat at the storage outlet (
for the district heating system the values are indicated without and with thermal ...
low solar fractional and the fact that solar radiation can be used during the whole
summer, low return-flow temperatures from the heat distribution network.