Chamber Dramas For Children

Author: Louisa Macdonald
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My Beast ! my own Beast ! What is the matter ? I saw you in a vision ; I heard your
moans. I longed to be with you : I put on your ring, and here I am. My beautiful,
darling Beast, don't die. Beast. Never mind me. I can't live any longer. Beauty.
Why not? You must live for me. I shall die if you do. Beast. Ah ! if you had come
back when you — s — aid — you — would, and had spoken such words then, I
might have lived ; but I must die now. Beauty. But, Beast, love, — my father was
so ill and ...

Chambers S Narrative Series Of Standard Reading Books

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A whole week beyond the time had gone by, when one night she dreamed she
saw the poor beast dying. This made her so sorry that she rose early the next
morning, and went back after saying good-bye to her father and sisters. When
she reached the palace, she looked everywhere for the beast, and at last she
found him lying very ill on a couch, and looking as if he were going to die. She
ran up to him, and put her arms round his neck. ' Oh my dear darling beast,' she
said, ' please ...


Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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The duchefs alighted, and with a pointed boar- fpear in her hand, took polt in a
place through which fhe knew the wild beasts were used to come ; the dukeand
Don Quixote likewise difmounting, posted themselves on each side of her grace,
while Sancho stayed in the rear, without parting from Dapple, whom he durst not
quit, lest fome misfortune mould happen to that darling beast. Scarce had they set
foot on ground, mid taken their stations, fupported by a number of servants, when

The History And Adventures Of The Renowned Don Quixote 1

Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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I am, indeed, Cervantes," said I, " but not the darling of the muses, or in any
shape deserving of those encomiums you have bestowed -, be pleased,
therefore, good fignor, to remount your beast, and let us travel together like
friends the rest of the way." The courteous student took my advice, and as we
jogged on softly together, the conversaticm happening to turn on the subject of
my illness, the stranger soon pronounced my doom, by assuring me that my
distemper was a dropsy, which ...

The History And Adventures Of The Renowned Don Quixote 4

Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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... through which she knew the wild beasts were used to come ; the duke and Don
Quixote likewise dismounting, posted themselves on each lide of her grace, while
Sancho stayed: in the rear, without parting srom Dapple, whom hedurst not quit,
lest some misfortune should happentox- that darling beast. Scar-ce had they
setfooton-ground, and taleen their. slations, supported by a number of servants,
whcnz they beheld a monstrous boar baited by the dogs and, pursued by the
hunters, ...

The Digest Of Ontario Case Law

Author: James Frederick Smith
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... 2 8: 3 Vict. L 188_ 1969 D'Arcy v. White ........................ 24 U.C.R.-570.. i, 21:51
2194_ Dark v. Hepburn ........................ 27 C.P. 357 ...... “L 533;;' 5323 6922 Dark v.
Municipal Council of Huron andl . Bruce 7 C.P. 378 ...... ii. 3893, 4714. Darling, lie
............................ 39 U.C.R. 339. i] 2327. Darling, Barsalou v ..................... > H
S.C.R. 677. iii. ' 1. Darling, Beamer v ....................... ' 4 U.C.R. 211. 1. 1112__0;
6336233213079; \ 1|. , a. Darling, Beast v .

Northwest Review

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was disappeared, and she saw, at her feet, one of the loveliest princes that eyes
ever beheld. Though the prince was worth all her attention, she could not forbear
asking where Beast was .... The fairy gave a stroke ... But, darling Beast, my
concern is no longer with the gray rags being ground into the village streets, nor
with the wombs of our virgins, white as clean sheets of rice paper. Instead, it is my
wont to ...


Author: Lady Margaret Majendie
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Yes, if you will take me to see Uncle Austen's beast.' ' No, Muriel ; we will see the
Japanese Village instead. I can't tell you why, but I perfectly hate that beast.' '
Hate that darling, darling beast ! Oh, you are not good — to hate is very wicked !' '
Should you not like the Japanese Village? There are dear little Japanese babies
with little slits for eyes, running up sideways in their heads, and the dearest little
pigtails in the world.' ' I will put on my hat,' said Muriel. That 200 PRECA UTIONS.