Civil Society In China

Author: Karla W Simon
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199765898
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This is the definitive book on the legal and fiscal framework for civil society organizations (CSOs) in China from earliest times to the present day.

China Perspectives

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In other words, the affirmation of civil society in China is passing through a stage
in which non "civilian" groups are ... them all with a reformulation of ancient
practices and beliefs, and lastly with the importing of values (freedom of
conscience), myths ... This ideological framework can be described as virtual in
two senses: firstly, because it exists in latent form, unable to ... beginning with a
reading of the news agencies (in particular, AFP, Reuters and Xinhua) over the
period in question.


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This was a time of social turbulence in the United States, with the civil-rights
movement and the Vietnam War protest. ... Ancient China's Book of History, from
over 2,000 years ago, contains the phrase, This Olin Lecture was delivered ...
Today we are entering a new post- Cold War era, where the world is full of many
uncertainties. ... My goals were to provide the Chinese nation with a legal
framework that is in accord with the times and to establish a comprehensive
model for democracy.


Author: Jung Chang
Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag
ISBN: 364114843X
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Ob auf persönlicher, auf nationaler, auf internationaler Ebene – sein Machthunger war grenzenlos. Mao Tse-tung hat nicht alle, aber viele seiner Ziele erreicht, und China hat teuer dafür bezahlt: mit dem Leben von 70 Millionen Menschen.

Der Philosoph Als Autodidakt

Author: Abu Bakr Ibn Tufail
Publisher: Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787319301
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Ziel dieses philosophisch-allegorischen Inselromans des arabisch-andalusischen Denkers Ibn Tufail ist die Verteidigung der Philosophie als rationale Form der Erkenntnis.

Directory Of Published Proceedings

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Civil rights movement, Making of Martin Luther King A the Civil rights A race
relations, Martin Luther King, ... New directions in Classical, biblical A Arabic-
lslamic world, Hidden futures: death A immortality in ancient Egypt, ... War era,
Contemporary China in the post- Cold-War A post-Gulf-War period, Challenges
to multilateral disarmament ... Reforming Mexico's agrarian reform Columbus,
Catalan contexts of Combat drugs in Europe: the treaty on European union:
framework for a new ...

Global Dimensions Of Public Administration And Governance

Author: Jos Raadschelders
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119026121
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Eastern Europe: civil service system in, 189 egalitarian-authoritarian systems in,
99 new public management in, 177–179 ... see European Central Bank
Ecological/environmental tax reform (ETR), 292–295 Economic and financial
services, 276 in ... 398–406 in Iran, 290–291 in People's Republic of China, 372–
376 in Spain, 283 in United Kingdom, 376–381,401, 402 in ... period, 35 civil
uprising in, 100 emergence of states in, 25 laws of, 38 political parties in, 116
provinces in ancient, ...