Christmas Love Bundle Christmas Diamonds And Christmas Heat

Author: Devon Vaughn Archer
Publisher: Devon Vaughn Archer
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Devon Vaughn Archer. CHRISTMAS LOVE BUNDLE Christmas Diamonds and
Christmas Heat By Devon Vaughn Archer Copyright 2015 by Devon Vaughn
Archer Cover Image Copyright Dmitry Naumov, 2015 Used under license from TABLE OF CONTENTS Christmas Diamonds Christmas Heat A
Christmas Tree Front Cover.

Spirit Of Fire

Author: John M. Pontius
Publisher: Cedar Fort
ISBN: 9781555173852
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With the final drop, a semblance of normality came upon them, and the joy of the
Christmas season slowly warmed them. The Mahoys loved Christmas time more
than any other time of year. With so many kids in the house, a sense of breathless
wonder hung in the air, like crystalline fog on a winter's eve that sparkles like
diamonds in the moonlight. Christmas was Laura's season of joy. She loved no
time of year better, and her happiness overlaid the family's collective spirit like a
warm ...

Mythos Academy Bundle First Frost Touch Of Frost Kiss Of Frost Dark Frost

Author: Jennifer Estep
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758288379
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For Christmas. I hope that's okay.” “Oh. Oh. You—you didn't have to do that.” My
heart soared in my chest for about half a second before I winced. “I didn't get
anything for you. I'm so sorry. If I'd known—I mean, if I even thought for a second
... of the diamonds, I let out a little laugh. Logan frowned. “What's so funny? Don't
you—don't you like it?” “Oh, no! It's beautiful. I love it, really, I do. It's just funny. My
grandma and I always get each other something with snowflakes on it for

One Wish In Manhattan

Author: Mandy Baggot
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 1910751480
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What everyone’s saying about One Wish in Manhattan: ‘I adored this story … a beautiful, charming, sexy, heart-warming Christmas story that I couldn’t get enough of.

Embracing The Wolf

Author: Racine Lavelle
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477118063
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People stayed inside their safe, warm homes. As wolves, we enjoyed the white
stuff; we were designed to handle the freezing temperature and/or the snow and
ice. We could get around on all four paws a lot better than on two legs when in
our human form. This was their first Christmas since Ian and Rachel became
mates. Christy loved the decorations on the tree, and it had been quite a
challenge to keep Christy out from under the tree. Mariam cooked and cooked
and cooked, and ...

Kings Of The Diamond

Author: Robert T. Diamond
Publisher: Robert Diamond
ISBN: 0980982103
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Robert T. Diamond. CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE –RECONCILIATION ... Since she'd
bid them a tearful goodbye almost four years ago, she'd only been back to
Semans for Christmas and once in a while in the summer. Her father's failing
health had kept her parents from ... The loving home and the warm, caring,
extended family of her youth were merely some fictional play penned by a
laughing, cosmic, satirist who'd authored this final act to end the drama. She
wanted to hang up ...

Family Herald

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193 Love, or Money? -- -- Marriod in Spite of Him 17 145, iss ... 148 A Hidden
Treasure .. ... 241 The Vil Schoolmistress .. 257 Gerald's rothed .. ... 273
Deepdale Farm -- ... 305 “Our Bansheo" 321 STORY-TELLER. Page Charlie's
Kiss .. -- ... 27 How ... 11 Don't Wake Baby ... 139 Qne Species of Insanity ... 155
Our Good Mothers . . ... 283 Mourning -- -- ... 363 Moral Crutches -- ... 427
CHRISTMAS NUMBER. POETRY. A Christmas Song .. STORIES. Clive Verner's
Love; a Christmas Story .

The Coast

Author: Honor L. Wilhelm
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The soul, while heart with love o'erflows, Swells into joy which brightly glows —
Then, gazing on the fading sight, Returns to toil — on Christmas night. As
Michael ... up and showed it to him — dolls, dresses, cribs, baby carriages, books
, a cunning diamond ring, a bright gold watch and long chain, a delicate bracelet,
candies, nuts and a host of things!" "And ... Shortly after he had read the paper at
the office, the expressman brought him several small bundles and a large flat

Moderator Topics

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Grow a Christmas! Did you ever. My dear young friend from Japan, Christmas
does not grow out of the ground, like a tree, it is made out of countless loving
deeds that spring from the hearts of men. Miss Japanese. Most kind, and most
excellent, ... boy, where did you lose your shoes? African. Shoes, sir, what are
they? Santa. Shoes, why the kid acts as if he didn't know what shoes were. Aren't
your feet frozen? African. Feet too much hot. Burn on hard white sand. Santa. On
white sand?

Harper S Bazaar

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sheep-skin rug, Fleecy and warm and white, Three little happy children talk, Talk
low in the warm fire-light. “It is Christmas-eve !” says Harry; “It is Christmas-eve!
.... As every nationality is represented with us, so every form of Christmas sprite
and guardian is happily welcomed, from the Santa Claus who came over with the
Knickerbockers, his pack full of toys and sweetmeats, to the Petit Noel of French ...