Author: William R. Jankowiak
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Such a functional connotation of intimacy is vividly expressed by the Lahu
proverb “Chopsticks only work in pairs,” which defines a couple as a single labor
team that performs various tasks. Like the two parts of a pair of chopsticks, the
husband and wife should coexist symbiotically and function harmoniously within
their shared identity in the marriage. Specifically, love is intrinsically associated
with the joint roles of a couple in both child rearing and productive tasks, as
expressed by ...

Exploring Women S Studies

Author: Carol Berkin
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Shanshan Du, "Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs": Gender Unity and Gender
Equality among the Lahu of Southwest China (New York: Columbia University
Press, 2002); Jacquetta Hill, "The Household as the Center of Life among the
Lahu Shehleh of Northern Thailand," in K. Aoi, K. Morioka, and J. Suginohara,
eds., Family and Community Changes in East Asia (Tokyo: Japan Sociological
Society, 1985), 504-525. 14. To protect the privacy of my interviewees, the
individual names and ...

Women And Gender In Contemporary Chinese Societies

Author: Shanshan Du
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The authors contributing to this book have collectively initiated a systematic effort to bridge the gap between understanding the majority Han and ethnic minorities in regard to women and gender in contemporary Chinese societies.


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Price: $ 22.50 Shanshan Du's "Chopsticks Work Only in Pairs: Gender Unity and
Gender Equality among the Lahu of Southwest China" is a provocative
ethnography about gender constructs in a little-studied and remote Lahu region
of southwestern Yunnan Province. Also resident to neighboring regions of
Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos, the Lahu are one of China's smallest "nationalities
" (minzu), yet Du effectively brings them into broader anthropological and feminist
debates on ...

Asian Folklore Studies

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"Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs": Gender Unity and Gender Equality among the
Lahu of Southwest China. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002. xvii + 237
pages. Illustrations, maps, figures, bibliography, index. Cloth US$49.50/£35.50;
ISBN 0-231-11956-9. Paper US$22.50/£15.00; ISBN 0-231-11957-7. This book
is delightfully readable and at the same time thought-provoking, full of lively and
sensitive ethnography. Focusing on the issue of gender equality, the book is
based ...

Re Envisioning The Chinese Revolution

Author: Ching Kwan Lee
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The blasting at the steel works, however, frightened her. 22. Interviewee 17. 23.
Many considered it inappropriate for women to speak publicly prior to this period
in time. 24. Interviewee 51. 25. Du Shanshan found that emotional attachments
and sexual liaisons developed among young Lahu people, some of whom were
already married, while they worked on construction sites during the Great Leap
Forward. Du Shanshan, Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs (New York: Columbia ...