Distant Healing Manual

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To learn more about Acupressure buy his magnificent self-help book 'Chopsticks
Acupuncture' (ISBN 978-1-5539-5610-9) - it has a very detailed description of the
effects of various points, and indicators for which points to Heal for various
problems. . . DONE DONE Dr Halevi's web page: http://www.acumedico.com See
a comprehensive acupuncture points database at www.acumedico.com/
acupoints.htm A colour printer should be used to print these Meridian Charts Arm
22 Bladder ...

Vibrational Energy Healing

Author: William R Ellis
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I then bought his book 'Chopsticks Acupuncture' (Trafford Publishing - ISBN 978-
1-5539-5610-5) which is an incredible explanation of Chinese Healing and its
history, with full details of Acupuncture and Acupressure, and loaded with
information concerning the effect of the various points on health - and which
points to investigate for various health problems. Remember that Chinese
Healing has been proven to work for many thousands of years - western
medicine is relatively new, ...

Chinese Whispers

Author: Jan Wong
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Frances Wood, head of the Chinese, Manchu and Mongolian collections at the
British Library, is one such skeptic. In her book Did Marco Polo Go to China? she
theorizes he might have picked up gossip from Persian merchants in caravan
stops along the Silk Road. Polo does describe porcelain, paper money and the
use of coal, all unknown to Europeans in the thirteenth century, yet he fails to
mention tea, also unknown in Europe at the time, Chinese writing, chopsticks,
acupuncture ...

Japanese Acupuncture 101

Author: Carl Wagner
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... photo that the needle is being aligned with the guide tube in preparation for
dropping the needle inside. The needle is lowered into the guide tube with the
thumb and forefinger. This is a little like working with chopsticks. One of the
chopsticks is held stationary while the other is moveable. Here the guide tube is
stationary and you can bring the needle to it with your thumb and forefinger. The
place wherethe partially inserted needle and the guide tube. Japanese
Acupuncture 101 65.

Acupuncture Physical Medicine

Author: Mark Seem
Publisher: Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.
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In examining these patients, one should feel Pattern 3 - Pelvic Collapse for a
chopstick constriction 54 inch lateral to the midline from the navel to the pubic
bone which is parallel to the kidney meridian and the chong mai, extraordinary
vessel, as well as for trigger points in the rectus abdominis itself from the level of
St 25 parallel to the navel, to St 30, level with the pubic bone which are all part of
the musculature related to the chong mai. The acupuncture imaging protocol for
this ...

A Magazine

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... that oh-so-whimsical slice of life sitcom Seinfeld, Jerry arranges to meet a girl
named Donna Chang over the phone, admitting that he's always had a thing for
Asian women. "It's not racist if you like them," he says in his own defense. But —
upon meeting her — he finds out that she's white, Jewish, and that her full name
is Donna Chang. ..stein. However, the woman's infatuation with all things
Chinese gives Jerry and company ample room for tired gags about chopsticks,
acupuncture, ...

Ancient China

Author: Marcie Flinchum Atkins
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Qin Shihuangdi used mass production techniques to create the thousands of
terra-cotta warriors found in his tomb. TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE The
ancient Chinese had a rich medical tradition. Traditional Chinese medicine relied
on a combination of acupuncture, massage, herbs, diet, and heat therapy.
Practitioners believed the body was made of the five elements: fire, water, metal,
wood, and earth. These five elements must be balanced for full health. Patients
were treated ...

Clinical Acupuncture

Author: Katsusuke Serizawa
Publisher: Japan Pubns
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Generally a pair of tweezers or chopsticks are used to remove the burning cone,
but some people just quickly remove it with their fingers. This form of moxibustion
is applied consecutively on the same point up to five times. This is a very popular
method because it is not painful and does not cause a burn. (2) Application of
Penetrating Moxibustion First the proper moxa material and incense must be
obtained. Penetrating moxibustion requires high quality moxa and the incense
must be ...

Current Acupuncture Therapy

Author: Jane F. Lee
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This reasoning indicates why the back of the body is often used as the chief site
for skin needling and hammering operation. Types of Needles There are the
seven-star, plum flower and roller types of skin needles. These rollers can be
home made using five to seven ( No. 6- 7 ) steel stitching needles
perpendicularly inserted into holes on the end of a lacquer chopstick,
immobolized with thread. The number of needles needed depends on the
amount of strength in hammering required, ...