Distant Healing Manual

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To learn more about Acupressure buy his magnificent self-help book 'Chopsticks
Acupuncture' (ISBN 978-1-5539-5610-9) - it has a very detailed description of the
effects of various points, and indicators for which points to Heal for various
problems. . . DONE DONE Dr Halevi's web page: http://www.acumedico.com See
a comprehensive acupuncture points database at www.acumedico.com/
acupoints.htm A colour printer should be used to print these Meridian Charts Arm
22 Bladder ...

Vibrational Energy Healing

Author: William R Ellis
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I then bought his book 'Chopsticks Acupuncture' (Trafford Publishing - ISBN 978-
1-5539-5610-5) which is an incredible explanation of Chinese Healing and its
history, with full details of Acupuncture and Acupressure, and loaded with
information concerning the effect of the various points on health - and which
points to investigate for various health problems. Remember that Chinese
Healing has been proven to work for many thousands of years - western
medicine is relatively new, ...

Chinese Whispers

Author: Jan Wong
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
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Frances Wood, head of the Chinese, Manchu and Mongolian collections at the
British Library, is one such skeptic. In her book Did Marco Polo Go to China? she
theorizes he might have picked up gossip from Persian merchants in caravan
stops along the Silk Road. Polo does describe porcelain, paper money and the
use of coal, all unknown to Europeans in the thirteenth century, yet he fails to
mention tea, also unknown in Europe at the time, Chinese writing, chopsticks,
acupuncture ...

Acupuncture Medicine

Author: Yoshiaki Omura
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If there is hard induration around the navel, it is a sign of “Emptiness” of the “
spleen” and the “stomach.” 2. If the mid-abdominal line below the navel is not
straight, it is an indication of the disease of the “Lower Burner” and it is especially
an indication of an obstetric and gynecologic disease in women. 3. If the
Conception Vessel below the navel is distended and hard and feels as if there is
a chopstick hidden on the mid-abdominal line, it is an indication of “Emptiness” of
the “kidney” and ...

Japanese Acupuncture 101

Author: Carl Wagner
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... photo that the needle is being aligned with the guide tube in preparation for
dropping the needle inside. The needle is lowered into the guide tube with the
thumb and forefinger. This is a little like working with chopsticks. One of the
chopsticks is held stationary while the other is moveable. Here the guide tube is
stationary and you can bring the needle to it with your thumb and forefinger. The
place wherethe partially inserted needle and the guide tube. Japanese
Acupuncture 101 65.

C B S The Chucklehead Broadcasting System

Author: Louis A. Coppola
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We invent acupuncture.” What? “Needles in the body like a pin cushion to heal
pain and sickness.” Needles? “Yes. Fine needles, sterilized. They puncture the
skin at meridian points in the body, and it cures illness by releasing blocked
energy. How you like that, haole? Very complicated. Chopsticks big acupuncture
needle. Stick in mouth cure hunger pain. Also, very sexy.” He opens a paper
packet. “Chopsticks joined like legs of new bride. You split them you know you
got one virgin.

Clinical Acupuncture A To Z

Author: Anton Jayasuriya
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers
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Plastic plum-blosson needles cannot be sterilized in the usual manner. They
should be washed well in soap and water. 5) CARE OF THE NEEDLES The
needles must be carefully examined regularly during use. Hooked, cracked, blunt
, rusted or otherwise defective needles must be discarded. Needles which are
bent after insertion can be straightened between the forefinger and the thumb (or
by using a pair of wooden chopsticks). Each time after they have been used they
must be ...

Case Studies From The Medical Records Of Leading Chinese Acupuncture Experts

Author: Bing Zhu
Publisher: Singing Dragon
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He had to use a straw to drink water and ate bit by bit with chopsticks. In hospital,
the doctor in oral surgery thought it was a problem of the mandibular joint, but
there were no abnormal findings in various examinations; the doctor in the ...
Treatment with mouthgag, injection of muscle relaxant, and nerve block therapy
was not applied because of the unclear diagnosis and side effects. The
medication of oryzanol and herbs plus acupuncture was not helpful in relieving
the symptoms ...

Discovering Asia China

Author: John Carr
Publisher: SunShine
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