Author: Richard A. Posner
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How are reputations forged? Why do some reputations endure, while others crumble? And how can we know whether a reputation is fairly deserved? In this ambitious book, Richard Posner confronts these questions in the case of Benjamin Cardozo.


Author: Andrew L. Kaufman
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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The new generations that have appeared since Cardozo's death have not
experienced the spell of his personality; their criticism has been louder. Yet
Cardozo's reputation has endured. Although the passage of time has made many
of his opinions obsolete, his major opinions, his theoretical writings, and his
approach to judging have remained a subject for study. In 1961, on the fortieth
anniversary of The Nature of the Judicial Process, the Yale Law Journal
reconsidered that lecture ...

Aba Journal

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Books Judicial Review CARDOZO: A STUDY IN REPUTATION By Richard A.
Posner University of Chicago Press Chicago, 111. 160 pages; $18.95 Reviewed
by Alex Philipson Richard Posner has contributed significantly to interdisciplinary
studies, particularly with his last two books, "Law and Literature: A Misunderstood
Relation," (1988) and "The Problems of Jurisprudence" (1990). With his latest
work, he has created a new genre that might be called Critical Judicial Studies.

The World Of Benjamin Cardozo

Author: Richard Polenberg
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674960527
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Pollard, Joseph P. Mr. Justice Cardozo: A Liberal Mind in Action. New York, 1935
. Posner, Richard A. Cardozo: A Study in Reputation. Chicago, 1990. Probert,
Walter. "Applied Jurisprudence: A Case Study of Interpretive Reasoning in
MacPherson v. Buick and Its Precedents," University of California at Davis Law
Review (1988). Proceedings of the Bar and Officers of the Supreme Court of the
United States in Memory of Benjamin Nathan Cardozo. Washington, 1938. Quen,
Jacques M.

The Uses And Abuses Of Presidential Ratings

Author: Meenekshi Bose
Publisher: Nova Publishers
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Indeed, 14 John Rodden, The Politics of Literary Reputation: The Making and
Claiming of 'St. George ' Orwell (New York & Oxford: Oxford University, I 989), p.
54 15 William J. Goode, The Celebration of Heroes: Prestige as a Control System
(Berkeley: University of California Press, 1978), p. 98-102 16 Richard A. Posner,
Cardozo: A Study in Reputation (Chicago: University of Chicago, 1993).
Interestingly, at virtually the same time, Bill James produced his study of how and
why the ...

Great American Judges

Author: John R. Vile
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hardworking and ambitious and enjoyed the praise of others. In recent years,
several biographies have been published providing more balanced critical
appraisals of Cardozo's contributions to the law. See, for example, Cardozo by
Andrew O. Kaufman (1998; this is the most extensive and authoritative biography
to date); The World of Benjamin Cardozo: Personal Values and the Judicial
Process by Richard Polenberg (1997); and Cardozo: A Study in Reputation by
Richard A. Posner ...

Richard Posner

Author: William Domnarski
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He wanted to take a subject such as Cardozo with a generally acknowledged
reputation as a good if not great judge and sort out what the reputation might be
based on, though on the way to describing and then using his analytical tools
Posner does trace the outlines of Cardozo's personal, professional, and judicial
lives. His is an evaluative study of the sort we need more of, he argues. In part he
applies statistical analysis (if it can be used for baseball players, he muses, why
not for ...

Dictionary Of Modern American Philosophers

Author: John R. Shook
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In the years since his death, many of the doctrines that mattered most to Cardozo
have been overturned. Nevertheless, Cardozo's reputation as one of the most
outstanding common-law judges has endured, and his major opinions, his
theoretical writings, and his approach to judging have remained a subject for
study. BIBLIOGRAPHY The Nature of the Judicial Process (New Haven, Conn.,
1921). The Growth of the Law (New Haven, Conn., 1924). The Paradoxes
ofLegal Science ...

The Supreme Court Of The United States

Author: John J. Patrick
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Benjamin Cardozo was the youngest son of Albert and Rebecca Washington
Cardozo, whose ancestors had settled in New York in the 1850s. He was a very
bright child and entered Columbia University at age 15, graduating with honors
four years later. In 1891, he began to practice law in New York City. Later, he
served as a judge of the New York Supreme Court and the New York Court of
Appeals. As a New York State judge, Cardozo achieved a national reputation for
his wise ...

Of Courts And Constitutions

Author: Kieran Bradley
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782256016
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In his study of the development of judicial reputation, Cardozo: A Study on
Reputation,25 the distinguished scholar, Judge Richard A Posner, offered some
interesting observations on the importance of style and rhetoric in judicial
decisions. Notwithstanding the sometimes intense labour that goes into them and
the enormous importance they carry for the individual parties, judgments, even of
the highest courts, are ephemeral artefacts. Most written judgments are not
reported in the ...