Caramel Crush

Author: Jenn McKinlay
Publisher: Penguin
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If she hopes to taste freedom again, Mel and Angie must make sure the real killer gets their just desserts... INCLUDES SCRUMPTIOUS RECIPES From the Paperback edition.

The Listener

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For puddings you could try apple pudding of brown sugar and then baked in the
oven, or compote of oranges with caramel. For this you make an ordinary sugar
caramel, crush it up fine with a rolling pin, and sprinkle it on the oranges in syrup.
— ' Woman's Hour ' Notes on Contributors Vera Traill (page 605) : has recently
returned from spending two months in Russia; translator of Vera Panova's The
Span of the Year and Rene Clair's Reflections on the Cinema Norman S. Marsh (
page ...

Call Me Cupid The Guy To Be Seen With The First Crush Is The Deepest Too Close For Comfort Mills Boon By Request

Author: Fiona Harper
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
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Once inside he strode over to the tiny freezer containing ice creams and slid the
lid open. 'Take your pick.' She chose a decadent one: two layers of chocolate with
caramel trapped between. Daniel grabbed something plainer. And once he'd
paid they walked out of the shop, quickly rid the ice creams of their wrappers and
walked down the street in silence, only the cracking of thin chocolate and the
slurping of ice cream could be heard. 'Thank you,' she said, when they reached
the end ...

It Began With A Crush

Author: Lilian Darcy
Publisher: Harlequin
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... on with the engine.” “Thanks. Um, say hi to your dad for me. Give him my best
wishes.” “Will do.” She got herself out of the grease-smelling workshop and into
the June air, just as her sister Lee pulled onto the concrete apron at the front of
the garage. Lee was engaged to be married and five and a half months pregnant,
beyond the tired and queasy first trimester and not yet into the big and
uncomfortable third trimester, and she looked radiantly energetic, happy and
alive. Her caramel ...

Dr Chase S Recipes

Author: Alvin Wood Chase
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... considerably larger amount of fruit juice. Milk and Seltzer. — Stomachs which
do not assimilate pure milk readily will generally take milk mixed with seltzer (or
any carbonated water) in proportions of half and half. Beef Tea. — Into a glass of
hot water, put 34 teaspoon of beef extract; season with pepper and salt to suit the
taste. Pick Me Up.— One lump of ice in a large glass; juice of 1 lemon; 2
tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. Fill up with seltzer. Caramel. — Crush and
dissolve 7 ...

New Bartender S Guide

Author: Charles S. Mahoney
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with. alum. Bottle. ' -_. CARAMEL. Crush and dissolve 7 pounds of loaf sugar in
one pint of water and boil it in a 5-gallon agate or copper kettle, stirring now and
then. When it gets brown and begins to burn move it to a portion of the stove
where the heat is not so great and let it continue to burn until the smoke be~
comes dense. Then dip a spoon into it and let a few drops fall in cold water.
When it falls to 'rns UP-'l'O-DATE nnrsnnsns' cums 53.

Wine Merchants Recipes

Author: McWilliam
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Colour — Cochineal and Caramel. Crush all the above roots, etc., and pare off
the thin yellow rind of the oranges, steep the whole in the spirits for a full week,
strain off and wash the residue with the raisin wine, then with sufficient boiling
water to make up to twenty gallons. Colour a deep port wine shade with
cochineal and burnt sugar; mix all together, and filter through a swansdown filter-
bag charged with paper pulp — see " Filtration." AROMATIC BITTERS (5 Gallons)
Proof Spirits ...

Making A Monstrous Halloween

Author: Chris Kullstroem
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786453826
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What you'll need: 12 pretzel rods 1/2 cup melted semi-sweet chocolate chips 1/2
cup melted butterscotch chips 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter A variety of candies
to crush Cover approximately 2/3 of pretzel rods with melted chocolate,
butterscotch or creamy peanut ... (To crush the candies most efficiently, pour them
into baggies and then crush with a pot.) ... 3 cups skim milk 1/2 cup butterscotch
chips 1 tbsp caramel 1/2 cup mini marshmallows Bring the milk to a boil over
medium heat.