Mixed Harvest

Author: Hal S. Barron
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64 While most early anti-mail-order cartoons were probably local products of
varying degrees of artistry, they, too, began to be produced professionally and
distributed from the big cities. By 1916, newspapers throughout the upper
Midwest and West began running a series of anti-mail-order cartoons featuring
Buster Brown and his dog, Tige, drawn by the creator of the famous character
and one of the originators of newspaper comics, R. F. Outcault. Buster Brown was
already familiar to ...

I M Just Dead I M Not Gone

Author: Jim Dickinson
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Over the tinkling background, Froggy the Gremlin would sing, “Every time I go to
town, the boys start kicking my dog around. ... I'm Buster Brown. Look for me in
there, too.” Next came Captain Midnight, the most artistic and futuristic super hero
. He lived in an observatory overlooking the city, and flew a rocket plane armed
with high-caliber machine guns. At the end of ... Gene Autry, “the Singing Cowboy
,” was best of all, featuring cowboy music and comic book–style adventure stories

The A To Z Of Old Time Radio

Author: Robert C. Reinehr
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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He later acted on many other radio programs, including Big Town, The
Cavalcade of America, Columbia Presents Corwin, The Fred Allen Show, Town
Hall Tonight, and Theatre Guild on the Air. Smart also starred in The Fat Man, a
1951 movie based on the radio show. SMILIN' ED'S BUSTER BROWN GANG. A
30-minute Saturday morning program for children heard from 1944 to 1953, this
program was sponsored by Buster Brown Shoes and is sometimes confused with
an earlier ...

Boys Life

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Exciting true-to-life adventures \Thoroughbred Mutt of famous men and women /r
~ t- a* *> o^\ (Continued from page 21) said cordially. "We'll put your dogs up.
And we're mighty happy to have company for Christmas dinner. I'm Lance
Crawford, this is .... Ask for Buster Brown by name BUSTER BROWN OFFICIAL
BOY SCOUT SHOFS A Pr Brown Shoe Company, Manufacturers, St. Louis Tune
in to Smilin' Ed McConnell and his Buster Brown Gang on TV or Radio- Saturday

Simon Schuster Super Crossword Book 9

Author: Eugene T. Maleska
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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ACROSS 1 The Treasure of Sierra Madre 5 Rooms in "Spartacus" 10 Kind of day
at Black Rock 13 Unattached male 17 Vehicle for 78 Down 18 Soldier in ' 'Grand
Illusion" 19 Support for Tarzan's home 20 Church feature 21 Best Actor: 1941, ...
no pain 6 Restaurateur Shor 7 Namesakes of actor Torn 8 Land on which
Hunchback's Notre Dame stands 9 Lepidoptera chrysalis 10 ' ' Town," Gable/
Tracy film 1 1 Actors Robert and Alan 12 Moines 13 Flowering shrub 14 Buster
Brown's dog ...

New York Magazine

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Also brought out of retirement was Farfel, the laconic, floppy-eared puppet that
served as Nestle's spokesdog from 1956 through 1966, crooning "N-E-S-T- L-E-S
, Nestle's makes the very best." In November 1981, for one season, Farfel was re-
enlisted, not to drawl "choc-late," but to pitch cocoa. Scotties have adorned the
Black and White scotch bottle since 1904, the same year that Boston terrier Tige
first appeared alongside Buster Brown for the Brown Shoe Company. Mack
trucks ...

Of Harvest And Home

Author: Ruby Brown Britt
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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"When completed, our neighbor will be the best equipped town in this section, of
the same population. ... Buster Brown and Tige had been at a shoe store in
Camilla representing the Brown Shoe Co. of St. Louis. ... Sure enough, the very
next week there was information in the Camilla Enterprise about more folks bitten
by mad dogs, and also the March 8 issue of the paper announced a new law
relating to animals that would prove to be very controversial over the next several
months ...

Boys Life

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NEW YORK You will receive six beautiful, post card size, natural color pictures of
major league players 1953 World Champs with Signatures, made by Louis
Dormand, one of America's famous color photographers. Frame for your Den —
use for .... keep you at your best; too. So here's a Merry Christmas to you . . . and
remember, when you bag that new pair of Buster Brown Official Boy Scout Shoes
under the tree, you'll really be starting the new Scouting year out right, ready and

I Love You More Than My Dog

Author: Jeanne Bliss
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Five Decisions That Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad
Jeanne Bliss ... When these young mothers sometimes found themselves short
on cash to pay for the shoes, the merchant said, without hesitation, “Take the
shoes home and bring back the rest when you're back in town. Get those shoes
on your little one's feet.” Alone in his ... My dad, selling those Buster Brown shoes,
was the first one who taught me the importance of being real. Every pair of shoes
he sold ...

Doodlebug Days

Author: Nancy Lockard Gallop
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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These brown leather shoes were selected carefully and always purchased at the
most expensive shoe store in town, usually one with a trademark picture of Buster
Brown and his dog Tige in the window. “I won't economize where my children's
feet are con— cerned,” Mother would say, arms folded on her maternal bo— som
and lips on the ready for a retort in case anyone would dare to disagree with her.
“They are going to have the best shoes made so their feet will develop normally.