Ayn Y Ld Z N Alt Nda

Publisher: JOHN GREEN
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Hayata, ölüme ve araya sıkışanlara dair bir roman olan Aynı Yıldızın Altında, John Greenin en iyi kitabı.

Under The Same Sky

Author: Joseph Kim
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544373189
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Now, after becoming a rising star in our little community, he had a chance to build
such a house. He was like ambitious men everywhere: he wanted his success to
be visible. But the house was also for my mother. Years later, I visited my
maternal grandparents. Several aunts and uncles were there, gathered around,
talking about my mother when she was young, and how she pursued my father to
the point of recklessness during the time they both worked for the same farming ...

Under The Same Skies

Author: Sentries of the Past
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1300985011
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Billions and billions of aqua glowing “bulbs” illuminated the water. “They
probably hold more beauty than any star in the sky, and that...is something that is
almost impossible to achieve.” Angavu smiled to himself. A few several minutes
passed. Nothing but silence filled the air. Even the active insects of the night had
ceased their commotion. Neither of the boys took note that for once the calls of
Africa were silenced. “When do they come out?” Nthanda finally whispered. “
When it's quiet.

Under The Same Roof

Author: Mark Henry Kinn
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483598586
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... but in doing so I was afraid of hurting and angering my father. It got bad
enough that at the end of these amusement park trips, I'd wet myself. When we
moved to Flatlands, almost at the tip of southeast Brooklyn—the end of the earth
as far as I was concerned—things seemed to change dramatically in Dad's favor,
and he started calling the shots as far as religious observance was concerned. I'd
first gone to P.S. 177, where I was a star in Mrs. Caputi's kindergarten class. I
hadn't cried ...

A Star In The West

Author: Elias Boudinot
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Yet would not any impartial person, under a just view of our conduct to them
since the discovery of this country, and the practices of a large majority of those
who call themselves christians, draw a pretty certain conclusion that we had not
much to insist on, in our favour — *That most certainly we have not done to them,
as we should have expected from them, under a change of circumstances. We go
on, under similar threatnings of the same Almighty Being. We shew much the
same ...

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
ISBN: 9740203493
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The Star In The East

Author: C. Buchanan
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5871336132
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J UGGERNAUT 1N BENGAL. LEST it should be supposed that the rites of
Juggernaut are confined to the Temple in Orisso, or that the Hindoos there
practise a more criminal superstition than they do in other places, it may be
proper to notice the effects of the same idolatry in Bengal. The. 'The Temple of
Juggernaut is under the immediate control of the English Government, who levy a
tax on pilgrims as a source of revenue. See “A Regulation (by the Bengal
Government) for levying a ...

The Star In The East Containing Some Extracts From A Sermon Preached For The Benefit Of The Society For Missions To Africa And The East By The Rev C Buchanan To Which Is Added An Appendix Containing The Report Of The Rev Dr Kerr On The State Of The Ancient Christians In Cochin And Travancore Etc

Author: Claudius Buchanan
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buse of the Christian name, under the form of the Romish religion, to which they
are averse. We have, my Lord, been sadly defective in what we owed to God and
man, since we have had a footing in this country, as well by departing most
shamefully from our Christian profession ourselves, as in withholding those
sources of moral perfection from the natives, which true Christianity alone can
establish ; and, at the same time, we have allowed the Romanists te stcal into our
territories, ...

The Star In The East

Author: Claudius Buchanan
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There are very few European clergy, (not above seven or eight,) under the three
jurisdictions, and none of them men of education ; and it cannot be expected that
the native priests, who have been educated at Goa, or at the seminary at Verapoli
, should know much beyond their ... and, at the same time, we have allowed the
Romanists to steal into our territories, to occupy the ground we have neglected to
cultivate, and to bring an odium on our pure and honourable name as christians.