Annulment The Wedding That Was

Author: Michael S Foster
Publisher: Paulist Press
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"The question-and-answer format provides an overview of the marriage law of the [Catholic] church and its practical implications and makes difficult concepts understandable to the nonexpert."--Cover.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2009

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Given the novelty of most of canon 1095, and given the modern description of
marriage found in canon 1055 (which is ... Michael Smith Foster, Annulment, the
Wedding That Was: How the Church Can Declare a Marriage Null (New York
1999) ...

Women And The Law

Author: Ashlyn K. Kuersten
Publisher: Abc-clio
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The most common form of fraud occurs when one party enters into the marriage
for a limited purpose, such as obtaining a work visa through the Immigration ...
Annulment: The Wedding That Was: How the Church Can Declare a Marriage

Library Journal

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Foster, Michael S. Annulment: The Wedding That Was; How the Church Can
Declare a Marriage Null. Paulist. Mar. 1999. c.l76p. ISBN 0- 8091-3844-1. pap.
$9.95. rel A canonist and judge of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston's
Metropolitan ...

Annulments And The Catholic Church

Author: Edward N. Peters, J.D., J.C.D.
Publisher: Ascension Press
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Considering that American tribunalsdeclare welloverfifty thousand annulments
each year (with eightythousand being declaredannually worldwide), the
answertoyour question might come as a surprise: The term annulment is
nowhere used or ... It is merelyajuridic determination that, atthetime of
thewedding, oneor both partiesto the marriage lacked sufficient ... In finding a
marriage null, the Church does not cast blame on either or both parties, even if
one orboth of themacted in a ...

Canon Law Abstracts

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(Article) The authors discuss the evangelical counsels of poverty, obedience and
chastity in the context of married life. INT IV 2/98, 174-184: ... M. Smith Foster:
Annulment, the wedding that was: how the Church can declare a marriage null.

First Things

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ed the theoretical justification for the present-day transformation of Anglo-
American marriage law. ... Michael Smith Foster in Annulment: The Wedding That
Was . . .: How the Church Can Declare a Marriage Null (Paulist, 1998) provides a
careful explanation of how the Church abides by this norm even to the present

Marriage And Holy Orders

Author: Michael Amodei
ISBN: 9781594710568
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Tell the students that the Church is not insensitive to couples who have genuine
difficulties in their married life. Then call on different ... to marry a divorced
nonCatholic can only do so if the prior marriage is declared null. A valid marriage


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But the church's courts will declare a marriage null and void under certain
conditions: coercion, intent not to have children, a previous valid marriage,
impotence at the time of the wedding or failure to consummate the union sexually
. ... According to this principle, explained congress president Orio Giacchi, a
marriage could be annulled if a wife could prove that she had been wed solely for
her dowry, ...