Annulment The Wedding That Was

Author: Michael S Foster
Publisher: Paulist Press
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"The question-and-answer format provides an overview of the marriage law of the [Catholic] church and its practical implications and makes difficult concepts understandable to the nonexpert."--Cover.

New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2009

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Michael Smith Foster, Annulment, the Wedding That Was: How the Church Can
Declare a Marriage Null (New York 1999). John McAreavey, The Canon Law of
Marriage and the Family, esp. pp. 179-203 (Dublin, Ireland 1997). John Thomas
Noonan, Power to Dissolve: Lawyers and Marriages in the Courts of the Roman
Curia (Cambridge, Mass. 1972). Edward N. Peters, Annulments and the Catholic
Church (West Chester, Pa. 2004). Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts,
Dignitas ...

Women And The Law

Author: Ashlyn K. Kuersten
Publisher: Abc-clio
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Annulment: The Wedding That Was: How the Church Can Declare a Marriage
Null. New York: Paulist Press. C. K. v. Shalala (1996) C. K. v. Shalala upheld the
family cap provision, a New Jersey law that eliminated the standard increase
provided by Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) for any child born to
someone receiving AFDC. New Jersey residents receiving AFDC filed a class-
action suit against the state for implementing the Family Development Program,
of which ...

Annulments And The Catholic Church

Author: Edward N. Peters, J.D., J.C.D.
Publisher: Ascension Press
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Instead, the Churchonlystates that it does not consider itselfor itsmembers bound
to acceptthe consequences of the wedding ceremony inquestion. In practical
terms, after nullity is declared (if it isdeclared), the Church considers theparties
freeofthe marriage bondthat would have otherwise arisen (1983 CIC1134). The
parties are, therefore, generallyfreetocontract marriagein the Church. Question 2:
Howis an annulment different fromadivorce? I know, of course, thatmany people
refer to ...

Library Journal

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Foster, Michael S. Annulment: The Wedding That Was; How the Church Can
Declare a Marriage Null. Paulist. Mar. 1999. c.l76p. ISBN 0- 8091-3844-1. pap.
$9.95. rel A canonist and judge of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston's
Metropolitan Tribunal, Foster presents in 101 clear questions and answers a
basic primer on canon law and the mechanics of the church's court system in
determining nullity of marriage. The principle of marriage as a free and public act
of will made by parties ...

Canon Law Abstracts

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... the principle of the inseparability of the contract of marriage and the sacrament,
but also upholds the identity of the two. The foundation upon which his
arguments rest is the identity between created nature and redeemed nature: in
Christ, human nature is made a “new creature” without destroying the natural
reality; what was natural has been transformed into something supematural. M.
Smith Foster: Annulment, the wedding that was: how the Church can declare a
marriage null.

First Things

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A MORE serious slight to the Catholic view of marriage is Witte's equation of
canonically permitted separation with the practice of divorce. When the Church
asserts that spouses "cannot be separated sacramentally as long as they both
live, provided they are married legitimately," she is proclaiming a truth about the
marriage bond that she believes comes from the Lord himself. Michael Smith
Foster in Annulment: The Wedding That Was . . .: How the Church Can Declare a
Marriage Null ...

The Catholic Library World

Author: John M. O'Loughlin
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The words and ideas can be incorporated into cards, notes, or spoken messages
to individuals. Much of the material concerns the loss through death of various
significant persons in one's life such as parents, children, and friends. This is a
useful book for anyone who has found himself/herself without words in the face of
loss and grief. Lucien Richard, OMI Annulment— The Wedding That Was: How
the Church Can Declare a Marriage Null By Michael Smith Foster, Paulist Press,
1999, ...

Marriage And Holy Orders

Author: Michael Amodei
ISBN: 9781594710568
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Tell the students that the Church is not insensitive to couples who have genuine
difficulties in their married life. Then call on different students to explain the
Church-sponsored programs of Marriage Encounter, Retrouvaille, and Cana II. .
Declaring a Marriage Null. If you were able to arrange for your parish priest,
school chaplain, or someone from the diocesan marriage tribunal to speak to the
class about the annulment process, have him (or her) do so now. If the parish
priest or ...