Drying And Wetting Of Building Materials And Components

Author: J.M.P.Q. Delgado
Publisher: Springer
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Table 3.6 Values of drying time constant and drying constant (K = 1/tc) for the
best fitted models tested (solid red brick samples) Sample RH (%) T (°C) K (h−1)
tc (h) Hii et al. Midilli Hii et al. Midilli RB–I 15 50 0.017 0.024 59.26 41.40 RB–II
20 50 0.028 0.030 35.25 33.29 RB–III 25 50 0.030 0.044 33.26 22.87 RB–IV 30
50 0.002 0.060 487.08 16.73 RB–V 15 65 0.009 0.012 116.83 86.96 RB–VI 20
65 0.017 0.017 60.14 57.36 RB–VII 25 65 0.015 0.024 66.42 41.20 RB–VIII 30 65
0.013 ...

Drying And Storage Of Cereal Grains

Author: B. K. Bala
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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(2008) found that Midilli et al. is the most appropriate model for the drying
behaviour of thin layer rough rice. The Midilli et al. (2002) equation has the
following form: = −kM−Me M−M e M0 −Me =aexp−ktn +bt 66 6.2.2 Theoretical
Drying Equations The physical mechanism of drying in capillary porous products
such as cereal grains is quite complicated, and it is not yet well understood. It is
generally agreed that the moisture within a grain kernel moves in the form of a
liquid and/or vapour ...

Hydrogen And Fuel Cells

Author: Detlef Stolten
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Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications Detlef Stolten. searchers (e.g.,
Afgan et al., 1998; Hart, 2000; Baretto et al., 2003; Pehnt, 2003; Afgan and
Carvalho, 2004; Kwak et al., 2004; Hopwood et al., 2005; Midilli et al., 2005a,b).
Of these, Afgan and Carvalho (2004) give an overview of the potential of multi-
criteria assessment of hydrogen systems. With suitable selection of the criteria
comprising performance, environment, market, and social indicators, the
assessment procedure ...

Natural And Artificial Flavoring Agents And Food Dyes

Author: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
Publisher: Academic Press
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Name of Model Mathematical Expression 1. | Newton * = exp(-kt) 2. Page M* =
exp(-kt") 3. Modified Page M* = exps(-kt)]" 4. | Modified Page (2) M* = k exp(-t/do)"
5. | Henderson and Pabis * = a exp(-kt") 6. | Modified Henderson and Pabis M* =
a exp(-kt) + b exp(-gt) + c exp(−ht) 7. | Midilli et al. * = a exp(-kt) + bt 8.
Logarithmic M* = a exp(-kt) + c 9. | TVO-term * = a exp(-kit) + b exp(-k,t) 10. Two-
term exponential M* = a exp(-kot) + (1 - a). exp(-kat) 11. | Hii et al. * = a exp(-kit")
+ b exp(-kit") ...

Sustainable Energy Systems And Applications

Author: Ibrahim Dincer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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13.15 Hydrogen sulfide distribution in Black Sea deep sea waters [data from
Midilli et al. (2007)] of pure hydrogen per unit of volume in the same conditions.
Hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally in various environments, such as regions with
volcanic activities, hot springs, well water, oil wells, and in certain lakes and seas.
Thus, hydrogen sulfide can be seen as a natural resource from which hydrogen
and sulfur can be extracted. A recent study by Midilli et al. (2007) demonstrates
that ...

Waste Biomass Management A Holistic Approach

Author: Lakhveer Singh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331949595X
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2001), hazelnut shell (Midilli and Dogru 2001; Dogru et al. 2002), peanut shell (
Hanping et al. 2008), vine shoot (Ganan et al. 2006), and coconut shell (
Bhattacharya and Hla 2001). The search for biomass energy sources has
nowadays expanded to gasification and co-gasification of industrial and
household disposals like tire (Larsen et al. 2006; Mitta et al. 2006; Donatelli et al.
2012), plastics (Aznar et al. 2006; Ponzio et al. 2006; Mastellone et al. 2010), and
municipal solid waste ...

Hydrogen Powered Transportation

Author: Dr. Ayfer Veziroglu
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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introducing hydrogen technology, an analysis of social psychological factors'. (
Midilli et al., 2006) Midilli, A., Dincer, I. and Ay, M. (2006), 'Green energy
strategies for sustainable development', Energy Policy 34(18), 3623–3633. (Mintz
and Singh, 1996) Mintz, M. and Singh, M. (1996), 'Issues and costs associated
with transition to alternative transportation fuels and vehicles', Transportation
Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 1520(1), 164–
172. (Mishra and ...

Drying Phenomena

Author: Ibrahim Dincer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119975867
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In Kucuk et al. (2014), a number of 67 drying curve models are reviewed and
compared. Here, some of the most relevant models are briefly presented. Most of
the drying curve equations have an exponential form being based on the first
term solution for one-dimensional moisture transfer given by Eq. (5.15). Let us
introduce here the Midilli et al. (2002) model. In this model, four constants are
considered and denoted as a, b, n. The parameters for Midilli et al. (2002) model
are given in ...