Confessions Of Guilt

Author: George C. Thomas III
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199939063
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Id. Id. at *3 (Justice Harrington, dissenting) (emphasis in original). A remarkable
sixteen editions were published, the first in 1842, the last in 1899. See Simon
Greenleaf, A Treatise on the Law of Evidence, 16th ed., Revised, Enlarged, and
Annotated by John Henry Wigmore (Boston: Little Brown, 1899),; Greenleaf, 1842
edition. Greenleaf, Treatise on the Law of Evidence, 1842 edition, vol. 1, § 214, p.
247–48 (emphasis in original). See Thomas, Supreme Court on Trial, 15–30,
Susan ...

A Treatise On The Law Of Income Taxation Under Federal And State Laws

Author: Henry Campbell Black
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1584772379
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ISBN 1-58477-307-3. Cloth. $125. * The first edition of this classic treatise was
published in 1886. It became a standard work among conveyancers and was
adopted by law schools within a few years. Considered a work of authority, it is
distinguished by its organization and thoroughnesss as well as the extent of
Gray's historical research and boldness of his analysis. Greenleaf, Simon. A
Treatise on the Law of Evidence. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1899.
Three volumes.

The Law Relating To Choses In Action

Author: Walter Richard Warren
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16 vols. 20/. Continued annually. l Digest of Cases, Overruled, &c., in the English
Courts to the end of 1899. In Preparntion . ivoree. — Beowke Sc Powles' Law and
Practice in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes ; with the Statutes, Rules, Fees and
... JUity.— White k Tudor's Selection of Leading Cases in Equity, with Notes. 7th
Edition. 2 vols. 31. 15*. 1897. /idence.— Taylor's (Pitt) Treatise on the Law of
Evidence, as administered in England and Ireland. Bv His Honour Judge Pitt-

The American Law Review

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1899. Grbenleaf on Evidence. —Vol. III. Sixteenth Edition. A Treatise on the Law
of Evidence by Simon Ghkeni.eaf, LL.D. Revised, Enlarged, and Annotated, by
Edward Avert llAUitiMAN, Professor of law in the Northwestern University Law
ScbooL Boston : Little, Brown, and Company. • 1899. We have only time and
space to announce the completion of the sixteenth edition of this great work. It is
scarcely necessary to advise the reader that Volume I., edited by Professor John
Henry ...

The Specific Performance Of Contracts

Author: William Donaldson Rawlins
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6d. 1900. Chitty's Collection of Criminal Acts. By W. F. Craies. 10s. 1894.
Ro8Coe's (H.) Digestof the Law of Evidence in Criminal Cases. 12thEd. ByA.P.
KEEp. 31s. 6d. 1898. Russell (Sir W. 0.) on Crimes and Misdemeanours. 6th Ed.
3 vols. ... 16 vols. 101. Continued annually. of Cases, Overruled, &c, in the Courts
to the end of 1899. In Preparation. —Browne & Powles' Law and Divorce and
Matrimonial with the Statutes, Rules, Fees and 6th Ed. 25s. 1897. Digest— the
end A Digest ...

The Publishers Weekly

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10 vols., $10.00. LAW PUBLICATIONS, 1899 i Jr. A Treatise on Criminal lamo,
cloth, $2.50 net; law LITTLE, BROWN & CO., Publishers, 254 Washington Street,
Boston. Lotnrop Publishing Company THE BOOKS OF 1899 At all bookstores ...
Sixteenth edition, edited, Volume I., by John H. Wigmore, Professor of the Law of
Evidence, Northwestern University, Chicago, and Volumes II. and III., by Edward
A. Harriman, Professor of Law, Northwestern University, and author of 14
Elements of ...

The Central Law Journal

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Curiosities of Law and Lawyers. By Croake James. New Edition Greatly Enlarged
. New York: Funk 6: Wagnalls Company, 1899. Cloth, pp. 790, Price Review will
follow. Civil Procedure at Common Law. By Alexander Marlin, LL.D., Dean of the
Department of Law in the University of the State of Missouri. Boston: The Boston
Book Company, 1899. Sheep, pp. 416, Price $3.50. Review will follow. A Treatise
on the Law of Evidence, by Simon Greenleaf.LL.D. In Three Volumes. Sixteenth ...