A History Of The Oratorio

Author: Howard E. Smither
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807837784
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With this volume, Howard Smither completes his monumental History of the Oratorio.

A History Of The Oratorio The Oratorio In The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries

Author: Howard E. Smither
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 9780807825112
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While it is written primarily for the student of music, the student of cultural history
may also find it useful. Most of the volume treats the main currents in nineteenth-
century oratorio, for the genre was a more important social and musical
phenomenon in the nineteenth century than in the twentieth. For the purposes of
this work, the "nineteenth century" extends to 1914 and the "twentieth century"
begins after World War I, which is a crucial watershed for oratorio. The amateur
choral ...

Elgar S Oratorios

Author: Charles Edward McGuire
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
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One reason for it has been the dearth of information on the late nineteenth-
century oratorio. Conceptions of the genre contemporary to Elgar's works are
vague when given, reflecting as much the oratorio's state in the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries as the nineteenth and twentieth. The most recent broad-
based scholarly work on the genre, Howard Smither's magisterial three- volume
A History of the Oratorio, currently outlines its developments only until the end of
the eighteenth ...

Elizabeth Stirling And The Musical Life Of Female Organists In Nineteenth Century England

Author: Judith Barger
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780754651291
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... Musical Standard, n.s., 10 (1876): 215. 56 Review of Dreaming and Waking,
composed by Ann Mounsey Bartholomew, Musical Times 17(1876): 534. 57
Review of Six Songs, composed by Ann Mounsey Bartholomew, Musical Times
23 (1882): 397. 58 Mrs [Ann] Mounsey Bartholomew, The Nativity: A Pastoral
Oratorio (London: Cramer, Beale, n.d.). 59 Howard E. Smither, A History of the
Oratorio, vol. 4, The Oratorio in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Chapel
Hill: University ...

The Performed Bible

Author: Helen Leneman
Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press Limited
ISBN: 9781905048564
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The most popular Hebrew Bible subjects for these new oratorios were Moses,
Saul and David, and Abraham and Isaac (Smither 2000: 30-31,42, 63, 100).
Britain British oratorios and cantatas have the largest representation in this book,
spanning both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Cowen, Gaul, Mellers, and
Beecham). It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of the oratorio in
nineteenth-century Britain. The Victorians associated oratorio with their nation's
history and the ...

The Cambridge Companion To Mozart

Author: Simon P. Keefe
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521001922
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Although Shaffer's play takes many poetic liberties with historical facts, this
remark reflects much of the nineteenth- and twentieth-century reception of Mozart
: a child prodigy (or idiot savant) who never grew up, yet wrote inspired, virtually
perfect music. This comment put ... In the hierarchy of music before 1 800, vocal
genres - opera, oratorio and cantatas - reigned supreme, while even the loftier
forms of orchestral music - symphonies and concertos - took a subordinate place.
The main ...

Haydn The Creation

Author: Nicholas Temperley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521372558
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Nicholas Temperley also discusses the changing performance traditions of this work, surveys the critical reception throughout its history and quotes from the most signifcant critical literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Oxford Companion To Music

Author: Percy Alfred Scholes
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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with men of the sincerity and
sound taste of Parry, Stanford, and Mackenzie, a [ 730 ] ORATORIO better type
was brought into existence, and the works of Elgar (see list below) lifted the
English oratorio form to a level it had not reached for a century and a half. These
last-mentioned works were modern in harmonic and orchestral idiom: they
largely abandoned the old set divisions into arias, choruses, Sec., they employed
the Leading ...

Music In The Nineteenth Century The Oxford History Of Western Music

Author: Richard Taruskin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199796025
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Major themes addressed in this book include the romantic transformation of opera, Franz Schubert and the German lied, the rise of virtuosos such as Paganini and Liszt, the twin giants of nineteenth-century opera, Richard Wagner and Giuseppe ...